Web Design

It's 2020, and your site should look like it. These features are a must, and are included in all our work.


Our subscription based pricing model is perfect for businesses of all sizes. Why pay $1k or $2k for a design that will be outdated in a couple years?

$40 / month

$0 Design Cost

Single-page design

This website you’re on is a single-page design. It is a powerful way to present all the information you need, without the visitor having to click through multiple pages. Since the development of smartphones, we have become accustomed to “scrolling.” This method works great for websites as well!

Monthly Site Text Updates

Sometimes you’ll need to update some information on your site. We’ll cover a single update per month.

Annual Design Update

Don’t let your site get outdated. We’ll do an annual design update if it needs it.

Website Hosting

Every website on the web needs hosted on a server. Your site will be hosted as part of the fee.

Site Backups, Updates, and Security

Your site will be backed up, and any software updates needed to make your site operate effectively will stay up to date as well.


Think you'll need more than a single-page? Or maybe you have bigger ideas?

Extra Pages

$20 / page

Each additional page is just a $20 design fee, and a $5 additional monthly subscription cost.

Dynamic Content

$5 / month

Dynamic content is something you will want to update on your own. For example: upcoming events, latest news, etc. This content can be placed anywhere on the site. $5/mo per type of content.


$5 / month

Up to 3 email accounts with your website name. More accounts available for additional fee.


$15 / month

Ready to start selling products online? We'll implement powerful E-commerce shopping. You will be in full control of your products.

Have a great idea for a large-scale commercial site?

We're able to develop websites at any scale. Contact us, and we'd love to discuss more!

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Our Work

Just some of our happy customers

Have some questions?

Anything is possible. An online store to sell products, event calendars, sermon manager for churches, accept donations from donors, photo galleries, calendar bookings,  etc etc. We’ll have a solution for whatever your need is.

Nope! That’s what we’re here for. You focus on your business or organization, and we’ll take care of your web presence.

Yes, that is considered a “dynamic content” add-on. 

Yes, your site will share nicely on social media pages.

Aside from the plan pricing, the only additional cost you should have is for your domain name, which is normally around $15/yr.

If you don’t have one, then yes. We can help you setup a domain name. If you already have one, great! We’ll help to get it connected to your new site.

Please use the contact form to ask us any questions you have. We’ll be glad to answer them shortly.

More Tech Solutions

We can supply all the technical needs for your business

Information Systems

A poorly running pc or network could be costing you valuable time and money.

PC Upgrades

Repair & Maintenance


E-mail Setup

Network Setup

Wifi Setup & Security

Printers & Scanners

Storage Servers

Video Surveillance

Cameras are one of the most advanced technologies of the last two decades. There is no reason to still be paying a fortune for video monitoring. Let us install a system in your home or office.

Affordable pricing

HD Cameras

DVR for backup and reviewing

Remote viewing on your mobile or PC

Indoor & Outdoor cameras

CAD Design

With over a decade of engineering & 3D CAD experience, we can take your rough sketch and bring it to life as a 3D model, with prints included. Utilizing the latest in CAD software, any design requirements can be accomplished. Have an awesome idea in mind for a new invention, and never new where to start? Contact us!

Prototype & 3D Printing

Ready to prepare your new product for prototype, but are not ready for the large expense? Let us help by using the latest in manufacturing techniques, additive manufacturing. 3D printing is one of the fastest growing industries, due to the low cost and quick delivery times. We are experienced in designing for 3D printing, and work with professional printers to get a high quality product in your hands as soon as possible.

About Us

ParsleyTech serves the east-central Indiana area. We provide technology solutions for your small business or organization. With years of experience, plus a passion for the tech industry, we strive to provide our customers with the latest technology advancements.

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