My name is Adam, and I like to design websites for...

Local Businesses
Non-profits and Churches
Community Organizations

I've been designing and building websites and webapps for 10+ years now

Everybody needs a nice looking website, and it needs to be "responsive."
"Responsive" means that it reformats for whatever size of screen you're viewing on.
Not only does it need to look good, but it needs to be laid out well. The most important information needs to be the easiest to find for the visitor!
Unfortunately the studies have shown that most users will not spend very much time on your site. They're just looking for specific info that they need.

Need help creating an online presence for your business or organization?

Web Tools

Google Add-ons
Progressive Web Apps
Mobile Apps
  • My latest project!

    BankToSheets is an add-on for Google Sheets. It imports your bank transactions automatically into your spreadsheets. Lots of uses for this!


  • PWA's

    Progressive Web Apps
    These are mix between a website and a mobile app. They run in the browser, instead of being installed to the device. This allows the software to be managed in one location, instead of needing both Android and IOS Apps (more cost effective). They are fast, and look and feel like an app. You've probably used one before and didn't even realize it wasn't a native app!
  • Mobile Apps

    Do your employees or members ever need to fill out a form, of any kind? Do they have to capture information when they're away from their desk? If so, a mobile data entry app is the answer. These apps are easy to use, and will increase workforce efficiency drastically.

    Spotlight: A mobile app for rental property management. All aspects of rentals (tenants, properties, leases, pictures, etc) can be captured and managed on a mobile device or browser. Auto rent receipts by text, emailed lease PDF's, and so much more!

I like creating tools that are useful for everyday life. Have an idea?

I also support local small businesses with:

Networking & Wifi
PC & Software Support
Security Camera Systems

I'm located in Connersville Indiana. Send me a message!

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